Digitalization, a Priority for EKO Group: Eduard Petrescu Reveals Plans on ‘Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani’

Eduard Petrescu, CEO of EKO Group, was recently invited to the morning show "Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani" to discuss the importance of digitalization and how it represents a priority for his company. In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, EKO Group has recognized the need to integrate digitalization into all aspects of its business to stay competitive and innovative.

Digitalization as a Strategic Priority

Eduard Petrescu emphasized that digitalization is a strategic priority for EKO Group. "We have made digitalization a priority because we want to stay ahead of the competition and provide our customers with the best solutions," explained Petrescu. This involves not only adopting new technologies but also transforming internal processes to create a more agile and efficient organization.

Transforming Internal Processes

During the discussion, Petrescu detailed how EKO Group is transforming its internal processes through digitalization. "We have invested in process automation to reduce execution time and minimize errors. We also use data analytics to make more informed and faster decisions," said Petrescu. These measures not only improve operational efficiency but also allow the company to better respond to market needs.

Implementing Advanced Technologies

Another key point addressed by Petrescu was the implementation of advanced technologies at EKO Group. "We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize our supply chain and provide personalized recommendations to our customers," he explained. These technologies enable the company to offer more precise and tailored services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Challenges of Digitalization

However, Petrescu acknowledged that the digitalization process is not without its challenges. "One of the biggest obstacles is changing the organizational culture. We need to ensure that all our employees understand and embrace the new technologies and processes," he said. EKO Group has invested in training and development programs to help employees adapt to these changes.

The Future of Digitalization at EKO Group

Regarding the future, Eduard Petrescu is optimistic. "We are committed to continuing on this path of digitalization. We plan to keep investing in new technologies and exploring innovative ways to serve our customers," he concluded. Petrescu emphasized that digitalization is not just a trend but a necessity for companies that want to thrive in the modern era.

In conclusion, Eduard Petrescu highlighted the importance of digitalization as a priority for EKO Group and how it is transforming the company. From automating internal processes to implementing artificial intelligence, EKO Group is strengthening its market position through innovation and efficiency. Petrescu emphasized that success in the digital age depends on the ability of companies to adapt and embrace new technologies.

"Digitalization is not just about technology, but about transformation and adaptability. It’s about creating value for our customers and ensuring that we are prepared for the future," concluded Eduard Petrescu on the show "Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani."